Trip Overview

Bungee Jumping in Nepal is an ultimate thrill that few other activities can exceed. You can experience the ultimate thrill of Bungee Jumping at one of the best sites in Nepal. You can experience Bungee jumping at The Last Resort along the Araniko Highway, Highground Adventures in Pokhara, and The Cliff Nepal in Kushma, Parbat.

The bungee jump at The Last Resort is one of the first bungee jumping sites in Nepal. This site provides a 160m drop into the Bhote Koshi river gorge.  This jumping site was designed by one of the leading bungee consultants from New Zealand. Similarly, this site is managed by some of the most experienced jump masters in this business.

The other location for bungee jumping is at Hemja, in Pokhara. This is Nepal’s only tower bungee jump site. This jump site offers stunning views of hills and towering mountains along with 75 meters of vertical drop within 3 seconds of free fall.

The Bungee Jumping at Kushma, Parbat is the world’s second-highest and number one jumping spot in Nepal. It has a height of 228, making it higher than The Last Resort.

Bungee Jumping in Kathmandu

With an early breakfast, we shall drive to the jumping spot over the Bhote Koshi river. The Last resort is located about 100km northeast of Kathmandu, near the Tibetan border. At The Last Resort, the jump take place from a 160 m wide steel suspension bridge that joins two sides of a deep valley over the Bhote Koshi River. On arrival, after the formalities, the crew will provide you a time slot, so that you can wait and prepare for the experience of a lifetime. After experiencing the adrenaline rush, we return to your hotel in Kathmandu.

Bungee Jumping In Pokhara

The Bungee jumping site at Pokhara is located about 30 minutes drive from the lakeside Pokhara. The jump at Hemja is a vertical dive from a steel tower. After the formalities, get ready to test your nerve and feel the adrenaline rush in your body during the fall. After the jump, return to your hotel and rest and relax.

Trip Fact

  • TRIP ID: SST-469
  • TRIP NAME: Bungee Jumping in Nepal

Itinenary Details

    What's Included
    • Private transportation to and from the Jumping spot.
    • 1 time spectacular jump.
    • 1 lunch.
    What's Not Included
    • Photo & video cost.
    • Other personal expenses.


    EDhan (America)

    My Name is EDhan from California, America. I am a retired management consultant. Basically, this visit to Nepal exceeded my expectations. We came here through Tibet and Bhutan. Here in Nepal, I like the neighbourhood and friendly people. My wife every day used to go for morning walk and used to tell me the story about the local people, whatever she sees every day. Especially, the guide was most knowledgeable and made it possible and get a sense of not only historical and religious value of some of the places but also some of the other places how the people live over there day to day.

    The company was able to manage all the services smoothly and made the memorable trip in Kathmandu. Do not be afraid of Earthquake; the government has done very good job, lots of cleaning up and reconstructions are going on. There are many places to go without facing any problems. Feel free to make a trip to Nepal nothing to afraid of and you will feel the completely different and unique. Thanks to Sixth Sixth and an entire team making an incredible trip in Nepal and I will come back next time.

    Margo Boston (America)

    Hi, My Name is Margo Boston, America. We were planning the trip to visit Nepal Bhutan and Tibet through our local agency. In the beginning, we asked so many questions about safety, especially after the earthquake but we realised that after visiting Nepal it is completely safe & worthful to visit.

    We are very glad to see the beautiful country. Everything was perfect and great to see the Hinduism and Buddhism and combinations of religious and cultural aspects in the tiny little city. The trip plan, all the staff activity including cultural show was great.

    Lori (America)

    Hi, My Name is Lori, and I came to do the trip with my daughter. After the earthquake had happened we were confused, what should we do, should we go or should we not go for Nepal Trip and finally we decided to come after the consultation, and we had a wonderful time there. The tour guide and driver and all the staff were done magnificent job. There is so much to see and worthful to visit. The hotel was excellent, the food was great, we enjoyed our time. The Buddhist and Hindu temple were fascinating. Our guide was brilliant and enhanced all experience and knowledge he passed all the knowledge to us and shared the ideas. I encourage you to visit Nepal it is one of the incredible places around the world.