Trekking in Nepal

The amazing nature of Nepal squeezed with in a tiny area of 147,000 with the geographic diversity ranging from the Himalayan ranges to the fertile plain lowland. It also gives you the to witness very unique and diverse cultural background of the Nepalese people along with amazing mountain sceneries. Seeing the close up view of amazing mountain makes you feel awesome and this is possible through walking and trekking in Nepal. It is true that if you want to experience the nature and culture, you have to visit the people and their surroundings, which is possible through trekking. You can venture in to any part of the county and still be assured that you are safe no matter how wild and remote the place is. Further more, encountering and experiencing the amazing variety of the wild and natural floras and fauna along the trekking trials will be sufficient to give you the great feeling.

Trekking in Nepal offers and explore diverse flora & fauna, extreme adventure mountaineering, more than 1300 peaks, World's highest peak- Mount Everest (8848m), 8 of 14 world's highest peaks exist in Nepal, Thick tropical Jungle where 39% land covered by forest & 23% is reserved as protected areas, Natural beauties, treasure trove, Amazing wealth of wild life including Royal Bengal tiger & one-horned Rhino, 848 species of birds, 500 species of Butterflies, 319 species of orchids, extremely diverse landscape, lush green tea garden, mustard and paddy fields, mystical & mesmerizing cultural heritage and many more life time experience. Do not forget to visit once in Nepal and you will have lifetime memory. Sixth Sense Travel is waiting to welcome you all in Nepal exploring the Himalaya, the elevation from 60m to 8848m with in a short distance of 150 km makes you adventure in Nepal the ultimate lifetime experience.