Nepal is one of the best destination to travel around the world because of it’s unique and outstanding features which gives the travelers optimum satisfaction and pleasure. Nepal tour package offers natural beauty, cultural heritage, and spectacular breath taking views of Himalayas and adventure wildlife experiences. The tour begins in the Kathmandu valley, which serves as the economic hub, cultural center, and the cosmopolitan destination for wondrous Nepal with a marvelous 2000-year-old culture infused with a mixture of Hinduism and Buddhism. Kathmandu abounds with religious festivals, temples, history and activities.

Kathmandu valley offers World’s oldest Buddhist Stupa Swambhunath, World’s Largest stupa Baudhanath, Hindu’s sacred holiest place Pashunathnath temple, Kathmandu- the city of temples and chiming bells, Patan- the city of fine arts, Bhaktapur- The ancient medival city of Devotes, Spectacular amazing panoramic view of mountains including Mt. Everest from Nagarkot & Daman, Beautiful golden views of sunrise and sunset view from Nagarkot & Daman which makes the travelers lifetime memory. Nepal is one of the diverse and unique country from various aspects, where there are 103 ethnic groups, 93 spoken languages and dialects, over 300 temples, over 12 Monasteries and Lama steries, 4 world heritage sites in Nepal and 7 UNESCO monuments in Kathmandu valley, grand and ancient architecture, the melting pot of Hinduism & Buddhism.

Nepal travel offers and explore diverse flora & fauna, extreme adventure mountaineering, more than 1300 peaks, World's highest peak- Mount Everest (8848m), 8 of 14 world's highest peaks exist in Nepal, Thick tropical Jungle where 39% land covered by forest & 23% is reserved as protected areas, Natural beauties, treasure trove, Amazing wealth of wildlife including Royal Bengal tiger & one-horned Rhino, 848 species of birds, 500 species of Butterflies, 319 species of orchids, extremely diverse landscape, the elevation from 60m to 8848m with in a short distance of 150 km makes you adventure and unique ultimate lifetime experience. Lush green tea garden, mustard and paddy fields, mystical & mesmerizing cultural heritage and many more life time experience are major highlights of Nepal tour package.

Nepal Tours Package