22 Mar
Holi Festival in Nepal: A day of colours


Holi festival is  known as the festival of colors, also called ‘Phagu Purnima’ or ‘Holi Purnima, which is a festival of rejoicing occurs in the spring time on the day of full moon in the Nepalese month of Phalgun/Chaitra (March). In Kathmandu and hilly area of Nepal Holi is celebrated on first day and in Terai (south part of Nepal) is celebrated on the second day (the day after the full moon) and on that day it is official holiday.Traditionally, the festival used to last for 8 days and was marked by throwing colored water and red powder on acquaintances and the people even passing by the street. Nowadays, it is celebrated only Two days (one day in Kathmandu valley and hilly region and second day in Terai region of Nepal). Color powder and color water are riotously dispensed as a reminder of the cooling monsoon days to come. Foreigners get special attention to keep your camera protected and safe and also wear old clothes.

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26 Nov
Everest (Khumbu) region trekking: Memory of a lifetime


While I was taking scenic mountain flight from Kathmandu to Lukla for about 40 minutes, I was scared and my heart was beating quickly as i was doing one of the dangerous flights. But my fear ran away after landing the flight in Lukla at the lap of the world’s tallest mountain that is Mt Everest.

Everest the top of the world laid in the Himalayan country of Nepal is the popular high altitude trekking destination around the world to explore and experience the most amazing natural wonders. Everest region trekking is the best place that offers you the amazingly fascinating great mountain views passing the rivers, forest, typical Sherpa communities and the trekkers reach at the Base camp situated at the altitude of 5364m.

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