Nepal is one of the best destinations in the world because of extremely wide ranging landscape in to a small area and appropriate in all weather conditions for adventure. Obviously Nepal is well known as adventurous Himalayan country. We offer various sports opportunity to meet the needs and expectation of adventurous lovers.The topography of this Himalayan country makes it the first choice for adventure travel lovers.

Our organization arranges several adventure activities in Nepal which includes Bungee jumping which is a thrill of lifetime, paragliding, rafting, tropical jungle safari, ultimate pleasure of flying mountain flight-the world’s breathtaking views of Mt. Everest, Ultra-light air craft flight and many more breathtaking adventure activities in Nepal. Rafting in crossing down the liquid highway and making a tour to Chitwan National Park for Jungle Safari. Bungee Jumping is another well-liked adventure activity in Nepal. The unbelievable 160m-drop into the Bhote Koshi River situated close to the Tibet and Nepal border is the maximum free-fall in the world which also lets you view the opaque jungle with a striking view in the world. Sixth Sense travel is committed to satisfy you through out the adventure activities.

Wildlife and Jungle Safari/Bird Watching Trips